Wowo822 Is Sadly Quiting

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I used to like blogging now I see it as nothing more than work, s, I am quiting and probably won’t come back. I am sorry. I am still going to keep this cheat site open so you can read my Club Peguin information.

Goodbye CPSC Fans!


White Puffle, New Penguin Style And St. Patrick’s Day

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Club Penguin has released the new Penguin Style catalog, and it’s mainly about dressing for the upcoming Penguin Awards. Here’s the cover.


On page 1, click on the gold in the background for the pot o’ gold.


On page 2, click on the word “more” for the boa.


On page 4, click on the light square for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times, for the blue viking helmet.


On page 6, click on the “FE” in coffee for the spikester.


On page 9, click on the purple dance floor square for the spikette.


On page 11, click on the letter “R” in clearance, for the fruit headress.


I’m glad they brought the pearls back! What do you think? Which items were you hoping came back? Did they come back? Let me know!

There’s some new stuff around Club Penguin for preparation of Saint Patrick’s Day. There’s some green paint a tree stump at the forest. If you click on the window, the door and lights will turn on.


The ski village’s has green paint buckets and a box.


The cove also has green paint buckets and a box.

The party looks like it’s going to be fun!

Club Penguin has finally released the white puffle! It’s only for members of Club Penguin. There’s a new adopt a puffle catalog at the pet shop.

The white puffles are on the 6th page. Check them out!


If you dance while walking a while puffle, a cloud appear over it.

Attitude: Gentle and strong

Favorite Toy: Skating

Cool Fact: Can turn anything to ice with its breath.

Fun Moves: If you dance with your puffle, a cloud will appear over its head.

Rockhopper Returns, St. Patricks Party Sneak Peak & White Puffles On Fri.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our favorite pirate, Rockhopper has returned to Club Penguin with some rare and new items. Check them out inside his ship, the Migrator.

Click on the map, for the porthole furniture item.


Also, check the notice board. The bottom left image has a picture of a white puffle in the background. Look closely, and check it out.


There’s also a new O’ berry pin at the Iceberg.

The  annual Saint Patrick’s day party will be coming to Club Penguin on March 13th. Club Penguin has released a sneak peek of the party.


Many of you have been asking for so long for another kind of puffle to adopt, and I wanted to be the first to confirm that you’ll soon be able to make those mysterious white puffles your newest pets. On Friday, you’ll be able to visit the Pet Shop and get your very own white puffle from the Adopt A Puffle catalog!

All the puffle colors have very different personalities, and from what I’ve heard, these new white puffles are really unique creatures.

Puffle Party, Furniture Catalog & White Puffles

Friday, February 20, 2009

White puffles are on the island of Club Penguin! Here is a picture of some hiding in the bushes at the Dojo Courtyard.


The white puffle appears every 30 minutes. The newspaper says they could be hiding all over Club Penguin. Let me know if you see them anywhere else. Would you buy a white puffle if it were for sale?

The puffle party is here and there is one free item. Find the free item, the puffle bandana at the cove on Club Penguin.

Also, check out the painting at the lighthouse. Wait, and watch the yellow puffle paint a picture of your penguin.

Also, check out the puffle feeding room at the snow forts. Click on the arrow. Throw snowballs to feed puffles.


What do you think of the puffle party? I wish they had a new item, instead of a rare one. The decorations are cool though.

Club Penguin has released the new Better Igloos catalog and I have all the cheats. Here is a picture of the cover.


Click on the pinata on page 6, for the aquarium.


Click on the snow on page 8, for the green birdhouse.


Click on the velvet rope on page 9, for the welcome mat.


That’s it for the Better Igloo catalog cheats!

Puffle Posters!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The first ever Puffle party starts this Friday. There will be a new Better Igloos catalog available on Friday. Here’s a sneak peek.


The team is still working hard to fix some bugs with the puffles, and I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for being so patient. We’d love to hear more about how you’re going to be sure your puffles get the super special attention they deserve!

Puffle Updates Galore And French Servers!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Club Penguin has put boxes for construction of the Puffle Party starting on February 20th. I’ll tell you where all of the boxes are but first, I’ve got to tell you where to get the new Club Penguin pin.

Go to the Mine Shack, to get the Box O’ Puffle O’s Pin.

You can find boxes all over Club Penguin. These boxes are used for construction for the Puffle Party coming February 20th.

Climb on the roof at the Gift Shop and Coffee Shop.

Here are all of the rooms construction boxes are found in.

Ski Village





Night Club



And The Pool

Now For Puffle Play:

With the new puffle interaction update, puffles can do much more including eat, sleep, and play in many more places automatically.

If you feed your puffle with a water dish out, it will eat from it.


Puffles will sleep in any bed. It doesn’t have to match their color.


Puffles will also sleep in any color of house automatically.


Puffles can interact with furniture like in the picture below.


Let me know what you think of the puffle update. Puffles will do these automatically, and can do it with any color of furniture too!


Click on the flower pedal on page 2, for the grey house.



The Puffle interactions have glitches, and I’ll be posting the cheats for the fixed interactions soon.That’s it for the Puffle Furniture catalog cheats! Let me know what you think of the catalog. Do you have any puffles?

The Costume Trunk has many new items. Here’s the cover:


Click on the dodgeball on page 3, for the red viking helmet.


Let me know what you think of the stage and the costume trunk!

Club Penguin has added French servers. You can now play Club Penguin in either English, Portuguese, and French. Change the language by using the button in the top right corner of the home page.


You can also change it on the Club Penguin login screen.


Try out some of the three available French Servers.


Let me know what you think of the French Servers. Most usernames don’t show in the servers. It usually is Penguin with a bunch of letters.

Feb. Clothing Cheats

Friday, February 6, 2009

On page 4, click on the letter S in T-shirts, for the spikester.


On page 5, click on the E in penguins at work, for the spikette.


On page 6, click on the blue dot, for the fruit headress.



On page 7, click on the plant in the pot, for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times, for the blue viking helmet.


On page 9, click on the carrot on the snowman, for the yellow scarf.


On page 10, click on the letter A in clearance, for the pink pom pom toque.


On page 11, click on the letter L in clearance, for the red hoodie.


There’s also a new flag for Chile, and on the Club Penguin login screen, there is now a what’s new button.