Other News!

Hello Penguins!

If you haven’t already heard, the Medieval Party has been extended until May 25! And I heard the CP team is adding another free item!
Also, since this is one of the biggest parties ever, The CP team, decided to make this one of the biggest contests ever! Not only are They going to increase the amount of winners, but They are also adding to the size of prize! Judges will choose 20 winners instead of 10 and are awarding 25,000 coins to the top 10 winners and 15,000 coins to the rest!
Before I forget, there’s a new igloo in the igloo catalog today! Don’t miss it!
Some of you have been asking about what kind of igloos the judges will be looking for and so  here are some suggestions:

  • Make it as creative as possible! (it not about having a lot of stuff in there)
  • Make it a Medieval Theme
  • Use a variety of furniture.  (we love to see new and creative uses for old furniture)
  • Have fun!
Just remember, winners will be chosen based on the sort of creative scenes and rooms you can make–not based on the amount of coins you can spend or how expensive your igloo design is.
I hope that helps!

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