New Updates Walk Through!

Post Updated.

Here we are. The amazing server updates. Do you need help with them? Well here’s a complete tutorial and display.


FEATURE/CHEAT Zoom in amd change quality – You can now zoom in and change the quality when you right click.

FEATURE/GLITCH Reading the Paper Backwards – First, sit sideways, face up, or dance. Then open your newspaper. You’ll be reading it all wrong or not reading it at all. Go to the Dojo to see yourself doing this while reading the newspaper.

FEATURE/GLITCH – Blank Chat – If you press the spacebar and then enter, you’ll get a blank chat bubble.

New features:

1. Puffle Mail – Your puffle can send you mail too. And when you adopt a puffle, they send you a postcard.

2. when looking for an igloo on a map, you will now see a selection like this (click for full size)

3. The green puffle has been removed from the dance club and moved into the ice rink!

4. Suggested servers – These servers are suggested for you by what you visit most.

5. Those servers not good enough for you? Just click the view more servers button.

6. Now, all the servers are on one page. Abominable is going to be the next blizzard!

7. Best of all, when you login, check your messages, you can get a free item! Also if some people have full mailboxes if so try again later.

7. If you noticed, your buddy requests will be where your mail used to be.

8. The spy phone is above your map now.

9. Your player card fades in when you click it and you can press buttons to go directly your clothes.

10. Of course, your igloos now have backgrounds!

11. Also when a buddy comes on the server this appears.

12. There is even a new igloo backround for when you edit your igloo! Also there is a new look for the furniture inventory too!

13. When sending your people postcards, you will see a book like this. There are also new postcards (click it for full size):

Here is what it looks like when sending a postcard (click for full size).

Well This Was Most Likely My Longest Post Ever! Hope You Enjoyed It!


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