New News Paper!

Hey Penguins!

The Penguin Band is taking a break again! Check it out!

Aqua Grabber will be updated with new levels on August 5th!

Happy77, the Club Penguin mod, posted a tip! Happy77 is the most mysterious Club Penguin mod and nobody knows to much about what or who she is. You cannot meet Happy77 as Happy77, Club Penguin changed her name to Penguin22.

On August 8th, there will be a sports stage, but it will be a different one. Club Penguin has gaven away what is going to happen. Since this stage is a Sequel, and non-member items can return as member items, the face-paints will return as member items. A member item cannot return as a free item. The face-paints were originally released April 2006 at the Sports Party. The only items that were non-member and returned as member items are, the Black Toque, the Red Sunglasses, the Blue Sunglasses, and the Pizza Apron.

If you did not read my last post Club Penguin has extended the Music festival until August 5th! Unfortunetly, there is isn’t a new free item.

Here Are the Upcoming events: (Click To Enlarge)


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