New Aqua Grabber Game Levels Guide!

Hey Penguins! The
new game levels for “Aqua Grabber” have been released. The levels are
Clam Waters and Soda seas. Clam waters is the old level, but with a new
ending. You will have to get the grand pearl from the giant oyster. You
can play either level, and you do not have to complete the first to
play the second level. Each level has different stages. For example,
try to beat the timer, or finish without losing a life. Follow the
following club penguin cheats to help complete the new levels easier.

Here Is The Complete Guide To Aqua Grabber Level One:

1. Collect the pearls from the small clams. If you see a black pearl, they are worth extra only.

2. At the end, get the pearl at the end by switching it with a pearl
shaped rock. The pearl rock is on the right side of the bottom of aqua
grabber, opposite of the giant clam.

3. Replace the pearl rock beside the pearl. You will need to give
the clam the pearl rock first. If you don’t, the clam will eat you.

In those 3 easy steps, you completed the first level.

Here Is The Complete Guide To Aqua Grabber Level Two:

1. Pick up all the kegs of cream soda and bring them to the net at the top. Leave the ones with plants on for later.

2. Once you have gathered enough kegs, the plants will move when you get close to them. This will allow you to get closer.

3. Once you have finished clearing the top, go to the area in which
the bubbles are coming from. Be sure to watch out for the blow fish.

4. Keep going down and be sure to avoid the giant blow fish. Pick up
the treausure at the bottom, and bring it to the top. You will then win
the game.


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