Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary Party & CP Toys

The 3 Year Anniversary party of Club Penguin Is Today!

For the New Party hat, go into the Coffee shop, and click on the Fan, to blow the top of the cake off, so you can get your hat.

For the Blue Apron, waddle along next to it.

Waddle Upstairs for the New Year Book.

Make sure to get the party hat, because, in about 2 years, it will be rare.

For the Pin, go Upstairs in the Dance Club.

Also, the Penguin band isn’t coming, but will be for Halloween. Starting October 29th.

Also The New Penguin Plush Toys Came Out Today!

New things have  been added to the Club Penguin Store:

1. Club Penguin Plushes (6″ Limited Penguins)

2. 2″ Mix & Match Penguin Figurines

3. 4″ Puffles

4. Igloo Playsets

5. Instead of Snow Globes, it’s a Puzzle Ball!

6. Club Penguin Books

You can find all of the above at the store:

There are some items that you can only find at the Toys R Us shops. These items are:

1. Club Penguin Handbag

2. Club Penguin Mancala Game

3. Disney Club Penguin Pendent Set

4. Club Penguin Nintendo DS Skin

5. And on November 25th… The Club Penguin DS GAME: Penguin Elite Force

Once you buy Club Penguin Plushes, you can find hidden coins inside which contain a code. With that code you can unlock secret items online. If you don’t know how to unlock items online, click here to learn the tutorial.

Once you put in the code, you can unlock item’s from the Treasure Book!

Most of them are old items but there is a page with AWESOME NEW ITEMS:

1. Pink Skater Hat

2. Brown Skater Hat

3. MP3000

4. White Parka

5. Green Bunny Slippers

6. And…The Yellow Cape


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