The Club Penguin Game Card-Jitsu And How To Win It

Alright, this is the complete guide to the new update. I will teach you how to use cheats to your advantage, and get you first set of cards, as well as battle and make it to the black belt!

1. First you need to know that there are many different belts, you start by earning white belt.


2. Visit the spot where the sensei pops up, and click the messages he says, when a bunch of cards shows up, click them to take your starter deck.


3. You must battle other players with these cards.

4. Keep clicking the Sensei’s messages and he will ask if you are ready to learn, click, “Yes please”. (You have to click his message first.

5. First, you pick a card to play.


6. It’s like rock paper scissors.

  • Water beats fire.
  • Snow beats water.
  • Fire beats snow.

7. When both cards are the same, the card with the highest number on it wins.

8. To win:

  • Have 3 cards of the same type, in different colors. fire
  • Have 1 of each card type, in different colors.3-types

9. If you forget,  just click the question mark at the top.

How Do I Become A Ninja?

10. Here’s what the Sensei says..


Sensei made a funny.

11. You have to gain experience from winning matches.

12. When you become black belt, you FACE THE SENSEI!!


13. When you beat the Sensei, you become a ninja.

14. You get a belt everytime you get 5 wins.


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