Rockhopper New Clothing Catalog And Pin

Club Penguin has released loads of new stuff! Here are all the new club penguin cheats.

The new snow forts pin has been hidden in the pet shop.

Here is the cover to the new clothing catalog.


On pages 3 and 4, click on all four lights for the yellow scarf.


On page 7, click on the tip of the tree for the Russian hat.


On page 9, click on the red penguin’s eyes for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times for the blue viking helmet.


On page 12, click on the pink hair bow for the pink pom pom.


On page 16, click on the lighthouse for the red hoodie.


On page 20, click on the pink flipper for the black superhero mask.


On page 22, click on the 60 coins each text for the black scuba mask.

Like I’ve Already told you, The Treasure book has been updated with new items.

Check the telescope at the Beacon. Rockhopper is coming (probably by Friday).


It looks like some green paint has been put on the Migrator.


I wonder what happened there. Tell me what you think it is.


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