Rockhopper On Dec. 12th & Coins For Change

On December 12th, Rockhopper will be returning to club penguin in his Christmas themed Migrator.


Coins for Change will also be returning on December 12th. Donate at donation locations around club penguin.


Start saving coins, so you can make change happen where it matters most to you.


Upcoming Events

  • December 12 – Coins for Change, Rockhopper returns, Quest for the Golden Puffle play returns, new Better Igloos catalog, and new postcards.
  • December 19 – Christmas party begins, and new pin hidden.

I know everyone is excited for the Christmas party on December 19th, but you don’t have to wait until then to get into the Christmas spirit.

Coins for Change returns. Donate your coins to a good cause.


Donate your coins to any of the three causes below.

1. Kids who are sick
2. Kids who are poor and can’t go to school
3. Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war

Rockhopper returns to club penguin in his Christmas themed Migrator.


New Better Igloos catalog. Here’s last year’s December cover.


Return of the play “Quest for the Golden Puffle” at the stage.



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