New Clothing Catalog!

Sorry this post is late too. I was out of town (again) and like I said I don’t have a laptop. (I WILL NOT BE LATE NEXT TIME.)

The new Penguin Style catalog has been released.penguin-style-jan-09

Click on the red paint on page 1 for the spikester.


Click on the blue light on page 2 for the spikette.


Click on the flower pot on page 3 for the fruit headdress.


Click the orange present on page 4 for the yellow scarf.


Click the tip of the mountain on page 5 for the Russian hat.


Click on the tip of the tree on page 6 for the red viking helmet.


Open and close the red viking helmet four times for the blue viking helmet.


Click on the snowman’s hat on page 8 for the pink pom pom.


Click on the snowflake on page 10 for the red hoodie.


The Gingerbread man pin can be found in the Ski Lodge Attic.

That’s it for the club penguin cheats!


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