New Millions Of Coins Cheat

I’ve found a new Club Penguin Cheat to make you millions of coins for your penguin. Use these coins to buy items on Club Penguin.

This will earn you many coins. Here’s how to do the new club penguin coin cheat:

1. Login to Club Penguin. Choose an ultimate safe chat server.

2. Go to the Night Club. Press the tab button until a yellow box appears around your igloo icon.

3. Click on the dance game. Right before it asks you to play, quickly press tab, then enter to go to your igloo.

4. A message asking to play the dance game should appear. Click Yes to dance.

5. Complete a few dances. The more you do, the more coins you will get.

6. After finishing the dance, repeatedly click the X to earn more coins.

7. Log out of Club Penguin to make sure that the coins save to your penguin.


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