Paint By Letters, Puffle Updates & New Clothing Catalog On Friday

With the squashed bugs, the new Paint by Letters book, Lime Green Dojo Clean has been released on Club Penguin.

Here is the cover of Lime Green Dojo Clean.

Find the new book in the Book Room. Click on either the book shelf, or the bottom right book icon. Then, click on the green book called Lime Green Dojo Clean. Here’s what the shelf looks like.

Need help finding the hidden coins? Click below for the full post for cheats.

Lime Green Dojo Clean has hidden coins on each page. Below are all of them.

On page 4, click on the mop and drag it to the outside of the dojo. Then, use it to clean the outside of the Dojo.

On page 6, move the lime green bucket for a hidden coin.

On page 8, click and drag the paint ball until it wears out.

On page 10, drag the penguin to the top of the roof to clean it.

On page 12, click on the highlighted dojo walls from left to right.

On page 14, drag the paint bucket to either side for a coin.

After the green penguin leaves the bucket, get two lamps and click on the mazes. Move it through the three mazes.

When the inflatable octopus appears, empty it for the last coin.

There is at least one hidden coin on each page. If you get all the hidden coins, you can get 800 coins. Here’s the highscore.

Exchange the capes on the penguin’s flippers for the socks.

The book has some glitches, and some of the pages aren’t working. Let me know if it loads for you and what you think about the book.

It’s been a very long time since the last updates on puffles. There will finally be a lot of updates involving the puffles this February! On February 13th, there will be new puffle furniture.

There will also be a puffle party on February 20th. I’ll post about that party next week.

On Friday, there will be a new Penguin Style catalog. The theme will be going back to the basics.


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