Puffle Party, Furniture Catalog & White Puffles

White puffles are on the island of Club Penguin! Here is a picture of some hiding in the bushes at the Dojo Courtyard.


The white puffle appears every 30 minutes. The newspaper says they could be hiding all over Club Penguin. Let me know if you see them anywhere else. Would you buy a white puffle if it were for sale?

The puffle party is here and there is one free item. Find the free item, the puffle bandana at the cove on Club Penguin.

Also, check out the painting at the lighthouse. Wait, and watch the yellow puffle paint a picture of your penguin.

Also, check out the puffle feeding room at the snow forts. Click on the arrow. Throw snowballs to feed puffles.


What do you think of the puffle party? I wish they had a new item, instead of a rare one. The decorations are cool though.

Club Penguin has released the new Better Igloos catalog and I have all the cheats. Here is a picture of the cover.


Click on the pinata on page 6, for the aquarium.


Click on the snow on page 8, for the green birdhouse.


Click on the velvet rope on page 9, for the welcome mat.


That’s it for the Better Igloo catalog cheats!


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