Club Penguin Ninjas

Update: Ninjas Have Came Out So There Is No Need For This Page Now, But If You You Would Like To Take a Look Into The Past Just Go Ahead And Take a Peak.

Hey Everyone! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to see Three never before seen pictures of penguin chat 3, anyways. A lot of people have been wondering about Penguin Chat 3 and Ninjas lately. Well, I have a lot of information on Penguin Chat 3. Penguin Chat 3 was an older version of Club Penguin. In this game, you could do many things that you are not able to do today on Club Penguin. One example is becoming a Ninja. In Penguin Chat 3, you were able to become a Ninja Penguin. There were also many other differences, including the Chat Bar, Igloo Styles, and Rooms. However, Penguin Chat 3 is no longer available as it went offline in 2004. I also have found a Video with great information on the game. It shows the changes that have occurred since the closing of Penguin Chat 3.

Even though that Penguin Chat 3 is no longer available, there are still many other web sites that are forms of Club Penguin.

Penguin Chat was a great game. Many penguins from Club Penguin wish for the game to come back. There were many things that you can not do today on CP. The major difference though is becoming a Ninja. In Penguin Chat 3, you were able to become a Ninja Penguin. A Ninja Penguin looked just like this.

There has been many clues that the Ninja Penguin will return. I think that it could be released if enough penguins asked for it. Club Penguin Support is designed to keep the players of Club Penguin happy. If enough penguins wanted the Ninja to be released, they would release the Ninja Suit. The Support really likes your suggestions. They even post a Suggestions Box in the Newspaper, and on their Web Site. They may be releasing it soon because of all the clues they have left. heres another pic of ninjas ones a repeat.

The Latest News About the Ninjas

The Ninjas have been a huge Mystery on CP lately. I am not really sure what is going on with the Ninjas. I am sure that something is going on though. There have been numerous clues that have been leading to the fact that the Ninja Outfit will be released some time soon or there will be some other type of Ninja added to Club Penguin. One of these Clues is the Shadows all over CP of Ninjas. Examples There is also a Ninja Egg for the Easter Egg Hunt. The Egg is at the Dojo where the Ninja Outfit would be expected to be released if it was released. The Ninja Egg varies in Location and Moves around all over the Dojo. It is a challenge to capture this egg. Here is an Animation of the Ninja Egg at the Dojo:


I am not sure what is going on with the Ninjas lately on CP. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. also almost no one has discovered this: you know in the HQ you see the tv screens with almost all the rooms in cp? well you have to be on internet explorer 7 or 8 to do this. first go to the HQ on internet explorer 7 or 8 like i said look down to the lower right and you will see zoom click then click custom zoom then zoom up to 700 find the dojo on the HQ tv screens and when you looking for the dojo you will see that all the penguins are blue but when you get to the dojo you will notice that the penguins in the (dojo) are the only ones standing on the walls.

I really am interested in the Ninjas and the Ninja Outfit. I wonder what is going to Happen with the Ninjas in the Future. I think that they will be released some time but I am not sure when. I do have a lot of Information on Ninjas though. what do you think about these Ninjas? I think they are really mysterious and will always be. Here are Three never before seen pictures of  me on penguin chat 3 three including a picture of the RocketSnail Homepage.


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