19 CP Funny Pictures

Club Penguin Fan Art

We all can make funny pictures! I have made some and you can too! If you want your name on my site, make a funny picture and comment the link by filling out the form after the pictures and other comments.

  • Make your picture funny, it doesn’t have to be the best, just good and thoughtful.
  • Most likely your picture will be added and YOU WILL RECEIVE FULL CREDIT.
  • You can use your own picture uploader (website or program) to give me a link to your picture or you can use one of these:
  1. TinyPic
  2. PhotoBucket
  3. ImageShack

My Club Penguin Funny Pictures

This page is the best one yet! This page gets updated exactly every 2 days with the best Funny pictures! Enjoy!

It’s Bed time!

Rsnail’s favorite button!

I’ll spy on the ninja’s with my new ninja cam!

I’m a ninja! (Edit) 

Take this Squidzoid!

I was the strongest penguin in the world until… BAM!

Must go to the light!

So that’s how they became a ninja in penguin chat 3! (edit)


I am better than the king of clubpenguin!

Oooh! shiny!

We teleported to the google homepage!

I’m a mod!

It’s me. Billybob. I got turned into a cookie!


I’m wanted!

Enter my world!

Come to wowo wood to be a movie star!

There has to be some way out!


3 Responses to 19 CP Funny Pictures

  1. wowo822 says:

    Hope you like the funny pics. I worked really hard on all of them! Enjoy!

  2. momla says:

    I have not even seen any of these pics on any other blog!

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